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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The whole sideways correction of today was unusual. I have it labeled as a combination with a flat as an [X] wave. It was interesting to count.

What seems unusual is that there is yet to be a pronounced "c" wave up of Minute (iv). In theory it would be very satisfying if any sub wave black "c" wave ended no higher than the previous subwave iv high which I have marked as 1003.53.

So a bounce to say no higher than 1003 would be perfect. Then a 5 wave move for Minuette pink (v) to finish the Minute wave [i] low somewhere in the mid to low 980's.

Then Minute wave [ii] would bounce above 1000 to either 1007 area or even challenging major resistance at 1016. If it all played out that way, that should take us into early to mid next week.

Well that's my general thoughts just based on today. If something else plays out then my general thoughts constantly adjust so take it with a grain of EW salt. LOL.

But lets just see how tomorrow plays out. I do like my count for the moment.
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